January is Walk Your Pet Month and we encourage you to pick up those leashes to improve both you and your pet’s health. Regular and consistent exercise for pets has a wide range of health benefits including improving joint health. Behavioral problems can be greatly improved when pets have mental stimulation and an outlet for their energy. In addition, research shows that pet owners are more likely to have decreased blood pressure, improved cardiovascular health, and less stress than non-pet owners. Physical exercise with your pet is a win-win!

Contact us before beginning any new exercise program with your pet to ensure they are healthy enough. It is extremely important to keep exercise regimens regular and consistent. When you begin walking with your pet start with short, frequent walks and take rests as needed. Watch for signs of excessive panting, difficulty breathing, tiring easily and lameness. You can gradually work toward longer or more frequent walks. If you’re not interested or not able to walk with your pet, contact us to learn about other exercise activities.