Kelcey recently started with us here at Moorpark Vet as a Veterinary Assistant and has been very quick to catch on since.

She grew up in LA County and has lived a couple different areas including North Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley. She is currently going to school at Moorpark College and is enrolled in their Exotic Animal Training & Management (EATM) Program.

Kelcey’s hobbies outside of work and school include reading, creative writing, baking and playing video games!

Kelcey’s furry family includes a Llaso Apso mix named Thaddeus and a Calico kitty named Ripley.

I love working at Moorpark Veterinary Hospital because...

the atmosphere is wonderful and the people are amazing!

One interesting fact about myself is...

I once wrote and directed an original/one-act play at Moorpark College!

If I could have one more pet, it would be...

a parakeet or a cockatiel!