What Anesthesia Free Dentals CAN and CANNOT Do for Your Pet

Have you considered what dental cleaning without anesthesia can and cannot do for your pet? We know you want the best for your pet and it is important to learn the facts about dental disease and how to treat it. Dental disease is extremely common for pets. More than 85% of dogs and cats over the age of three are suffering from … Continued

Anesthesia-Free Dentistry for Pets…Malpractice?

Anesthesia-free dentistry is cosmetic only, hiding the true disease that exists below the gum line. Here’s a great article about the dangers of anesthesia free cleanings: Anesthesia Free Dentistry for Pets…Malpractice?

A cute dog with a not so cute mouth

Snugget is an adorable dog but has horrible breath and a poor appetite. Why? Her teeth were rotting in her mouth. After a thorough dental cleaning, periodontal treatment, and tooth polishing, her mouth is kissing sweet! Dental disease is considered to be the most common ailment of pets, affecting over 70% of dogs and cats … Continued