Moorpark Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer full-mouth digital dental radiographs (X-rays) as a standard of care for all of our patients who receive dental procedures. Dental x-rays are performed by placing a small sensor in a pet’s mouth in order to acquire images of the internal anatomy of teeth, their roots, and the bone surrounding the roots. Full mouth dental x-rays are essential to the overall evaluation of your pet’s dental health. They can reveal otherwise unknown sources of disease or abnormality, they establish a baseline for future comparison and ensure that extractions, if needed, are carried out effectively. Taking dental radiographs, in addition to performing safe and effective dental cleanings, requires anesthesia. To learn more about dental cleanings and anesthesia click here.

Dental disease is very common in pets. More than 85% of pets over the age of three are suffering from some form of it.┬áDental disease can cause severe local and body-wide infections potentially affecting the sinuses, kidney, liver and heart. Although dental disease does cause significant pain, most pets do not show outward signs of it.┬áRegular dental exams and cleanings increase the lifespan and comfort of our pets. Please contact us today to discuss your pet’s dental health.