Age is how old you feel

Senior pets require special attention. As they age, they go through many changes, some of which can be painful. It is common for pets to develop lumps – called lipomas – which are made up of fatty tissue. Other lumps can be hematomas, cysts, or cancerous, so it is important to note the beginning of a lump and observe how quickly it grows or changes. If the lump is at least the size of a pea and has been there over a month, the lump needs to be aspirated.

Senior pets may lose their sight and hearing or suffer from incontinence. Dental care is especially important at this age to avoid pain or infection of the mouth.

Often, owners may feel their pet is simply slowing down due to age. In reality, the pet may be dealing with a problem that can be addressed, resolved, or managed to help improve their quality of life. With routine care and plenty of love, your pet’s golden years can be their very best!