Microchips can help your lost pet find its way home. The universal product that we use is the AKC microchip. The chip is injected into the scruff of your pet between the shoulder blades. This injection is no more uncomfortable than any other injection or vaccine. As an option, we offer microchipping at the time your pet is under anesthesia. After the purchase of your pet’s microchip, a one time registration fee is required. You can do this by mail or online.


Licensing your pet with the county is important and can also help the county know where your pet lives if it is lost. Another benefit is that licensed cats and dogs are held much longer at animal shelters (10 days) than unlicensed animals, which must be held for only four days before being made available for adoption or put down. Unfortunately, sometimes owners of unlicensed pets return from a vacation to find that their animal ran away from a caretaker and was either adopted or worse at a local animal shelter.

In the City of Moorpark, pet owners are required to license both their dogs AND cats with Ventura County Animal Regulation. The receptionists at Moorpark Vet are able to help you license your pet. You will need to bring a check for payment and make sure that your pet is vaccinated against rabies.

Health Certificates

Health certificates are often required by airlines when taking your pet on an airplane trip. Your pet will be examined by a doctor and if it is considered safe to travel, a special set of forms will be filled out and signed. It is important to check with your airline for specific travel requirements and timelines. Please bring the destination address to your pet’s appointment for completion of the forms.

While I waited to see Dr. Barrett for the first time, a kitten that had just been hit by a car was brought in. I waited while Dr. Barrett tended to the kitten. While waiting for her to see Kali and me, I got the sense that this was a place that really put animals first. And I was right. The moment Dr. Barrett walked in the exam room, I immediately knew she would be our vet. Kali was a puppy then and was on the bench. Instead of having Kali put on the exam table, Dr. Barrett got on the ground on her knees, eye to eye with Kali and introduced herself this way. She instantly won me over.

Dr. Barrett has a great “bedside manner” and has comforted this nervous Mom more than once. I recommended them to a friend who drives from San Fernando Valley to have her three dogs cared for. I recently started looking for property to purchase. I can’t imagine taking my fur babies anywhere else so I have limited my search to the surrounding areas of Moorpark!

- Cheryl Y.