Some of the people I most respect

Are those who save pets from lives of neglect

Folks who take in pets that are elderly

Saviors of older dogs and cats, they inspire me

Adopting senior pets from rescues

These heroes should be in the news


Life is not just about the young

Whose stories have not yet been sung

A pet that is aging, or even quite old

Still has a story yet to be told

They will be loving and grateful to you

For giving them a chance, a life anew

We may never know about their past

But they’ve found their forever home at last.


A new family, a second chance

A new yard in which to prance

A time to sleep and a time to play

A chance to be loved every day

Happy to be by you, sitting on your lap

To be laying besides you, taking a nap

A pet that has more love to give

In the last few years that it would live.


And at the end of those few years

The pet parents and I will be sharing tears

Saying goodbye to their beloved friend

Whose time on earth did end

Looking back on the love they received

From the senior pet that they believed

Touched their heart and touched their soul

In a special way made their lives whole

It’s always sad to say goodbye

But for the older pets who got a second try

They found love in a new home

Rather than spending their last days alone.


I know many of you cannot adopt

Your lives are full and cannot stop

But can you do something other than adopt

To ensure humanitarian efforts will never be stopped?

There’s a myriad of things that you can do

To reduce unwanted pets to just a few

Assist the shelter: on local support they depend Work with a rescue, or donate to Best Friends

Offer some time and become a volunteer

There are rescues needing help around here

And if you don’t have the money or time

Consider sharing this heartfelt rhyme

For perhaps someone who reads this

Will adopt a senior pet and give it a life of bliss.

So to those folks who adopt an older pet

You have the admiration of this vet!

-Al Schwartz, DVM