January 2nd is National Pet Travel Safety Day. Dogs and cats have difficulty traveling for a variety of reasons including stress, motion sickness, and severe anxiety. We offer a natural over-the-counter supplement that significantly reduces stress for most dogs and cats. When used daily, this supplement can improve a pet’s quality of life at home and during travel. Cats are particularly known to exhibit signs of stress during travel. As Ventura County’s only Gold Certified Cat Friendly Practice, we do everything we can to minimize stress for cats and ultimately improve their overall quality of life. You can stop by our hospital prior to travel to pick up a complimentary kitty calming kit. This includes a calming pheromone Feliway wipe for your cat carrier and a natural calming supplement to be given orally. When your cat is comfortable with their carrier, travel safety can be greatly increased.  Click here for tips on getting your cat comfortable with their carrier. Dogs and cats can also exhibit signs of motion sickness during travel including drooling, excessive lip licking, excessive panting, shaking and/or vomiting. Motion sickness can cause pets to be fearful—it is an experience they do not want to repeat. We offer a prescription medication that safely and effectively offers prevention from motion sickness in pets. For some pets, anxiety during travel can be extremely high. When this is the case, we may offer prescription anti-anxiety medication and/or referral to a behavioral consultant. We are your resource to help keep pets safe and happy during travel. You no longer have to avoid traveling to the vet or leaving your furry companion behind.