Meet Valentina! She is approximately 13 years old and an incredibly friendly adoptable cat who currently resides in the Camarillo shelter Kitty Cottage. We have provided her with an adoption package valued at over $500 in honor of June’s Adopt-A-Shelter Cat Month! Once adopted, Valentina will receive a complimentary examination, comprehensive labwork, internal parasite testing, calming Feliway diffuser kit, flea protection, and pedicure. In addition, our hospital is providing Ventura County Animal Services (VCAS) cats over 5 years of age who are adopted in June with complimentary examination and internal parasite testing.

Our county’s shelters experience a surge in feline occupancy during spring and summer months. VCAS Director, Tara Diller, remarks “June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month and it’s timely that it comes at the start of the summer, the busiest time of the year for us at Ventura County Animal Services. We are in the middle of what we call “kitten season”; already saving over 300 bottle baby kittens through our foster program. Kittens quickly turn into cats, and thousands more will make their way through our shelters this year alone.We are committed to ensuring they each know what it is to experience love, compassion, care and their very own family! We must depend on our Ventura County family to adopt from their local shelter, as we are an open-admission municipal shelter that, by law, must accept any animal that needs us and resides within our jurisdiction. I am personally inviting our community to visit one of our locations to find your purrrfect new partner!” Click here for contact information for our county’s Camarillo or Simi Valley shelter locations.

As a certified Cat Friendly Practice, our mission is to meet the unique needs of cats and elevate their standard of care and overall quality of life. We are the only veterinary hospital in Ventura county to acheive Gold Status Cat Friendly certification. This means that we meet the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) highest standard of care for cats. Click here for more information.