World Rabies Day – Are Your Pets Vaccinated?

Today, Friday Sept. 28th, is World Rabies Day. Are your pets vaccinated against Rabies? A recent report from the County of Los Angeles Public Health reports that so far in 2012 there has been a record–high number of 45 rabid bats confirmed in the Los Angeles County this year.  More than 27,000 cases of animal rabies are reported yearly in the world. Not only do bats carry the rabies virus but so do foxes, coyotes, jackals, wolves, skunks, raccoons, rabbits, cattle, dogs and cats. Rabid dogs are the main source of infection in people.  Bats usually fly at night so if you see a bat that is acting strange or on the ground please contact your local animal control right away. Do not pick up or handle the bat or any wild animal. Bats have been known to fly into houses, which is why it is still important to get your "indoor only" cat or your "mostly indoor" dog vaccinated for rabies. In Moorpark it is mandatory to vaccinate and license your pet. We start at 16 weeks of age for the first vaccination which will last 1 year, then after that it will be a 3 year vaccination. If you think your pet may have come in contact with or been bit by a wild animal please call us immediately at 805-529-7003. Please make sure all your pets are up to date on their rabies vaccine. Unvaccinated dogs and cats that may have come in contact with or been exposed to the rabies virus may have to spend 6 months in quarantine. Let's all do our part to protect our pets and ourselves.