FDA Warning: Dog Jerky Treats

The FDA issued an updated warning to dog owners about jerky treats. This expands on the initial warning regarding chicken jerky to now include duck jerky and sweet potato jerky as well.  These dried jerky products, intended for dogs, may also be sold as tenders, strips or treats. There have been cases of kidney failure from feeding these. The symptoms include increased thirst or urination, vomiting, diarrhea, decreased appetite, or lethargy. It seems to be associated with jerky treats originating from outside the USA, especially from China, but there is still a great deal of uncertainty since no definitive cause has been determined.  Due to this uncertainty and the potential risks associated with feeding these jerky treats to your pets, Moorpark Vet advises discontinuing use of ALL jerky treats at this time.  

Pet Food Problems

We recommend pet foods made by major companies such as the Hills company, manufacturers of Prescription Diets and Science Diet. Why? In part because some of the smaller pet food companies are not reliable, which affects pet health. Here is a link to the FDA web site reprimanding the Evanger's pet food company for having no traces of lamb in their "Lamb and Rice dog food" (instead it uses beef) and no duck in their "Grain-free Duck pet food." If your dog has food allergies this is a potential disaster.