January is National Train Your Dog Month

It's never too late to improve the bond you have with your pet and make your time spent together more rewarding through training or fun exercise activities.
Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant, Deborah Krasner www.dkdogtraining.com

Deborah Krasner, Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant

We are happy to act as your resource and partner in addressing behavioral concerns which can arise from a variety of reasons. For over 20 years we have been recommending dog trainer and behavior consultant Deborah Krasner for many training and behavior needs. Deborah is a certified AKC (CGC) Evaluator who works with dogs and cats of all ages and temperaments and specializes in puppies and rescued pets. Deborah can work with you and your pet to develop a personalized program tailored to meet your desired results in a positive way. She is available for in-home lessons and phone consultations for some behavioral issues. Click here to visit Deborah's website and contact her.  
USDAA Dog Agility Trial in Moorpark, CA

USDAA Agility Trial in Moorpark, CA

If you are interested in seeking out fun and unique training or exercise opportunities for your pet, we are here to help. We are partners with local organizations who can provide your dog with experiences in agility, dock jumping, snake avoidance, fly ball, and scent tracking.  Please contact our hospital for more information.

Dogs Just Want To Have Fun

Click Treat RepeatHello Moorpark Vet and friends, It's me Zoey (also known as "Release the Cracken" on the agility field)! This month, I want to stress the importance of keeping training sessions positive and fun. Training time is always a blast at my house and my mom always keeps sessions between 5 and 10 minutes. I always get rewarded at the end of the session even if I don't quite understand what my mom's telling me to do. Rewards can be treats, toys, or even love. My mom's consistency with verbal and physical cues is incredibly helpful and I've been able to learn a ton of tricks. I mean, I've got to give myself some credit too, many people say I'm pretty smart for a dog. I just think that I'm pretty smart... period. Stay tuned everyone because on the last Sunday of every month you can find behavior and training related tips on our Facebook page. Bye now!