Cats Suffer in Silence

Cats are natural predators who instinctively hide signs of pain or vulnerability. This can make discomfort and underlying disease difficult or even impossible for cat owner's to detect. Despite their inability to show pain, cats do feel pain. They have nervous systems similar to humans and it is safe to assume that what is painful for us is painful for them.

The best medicine is preventative. Routine physical exams and preventative care can detect illness in cats before it becomes a bigger medical and financial concern. According to an American Pet Products Association Pet Ownership survey, only 40% of cat owners took their cat to the veterinarian in the past year. Most people simply assume that their cats are healthy and comfortable. Also, veterinary visits can be stressful for cats and cat owners.

Cat Friendly Practice certification is designed to improve the overall quality of cat's lives by making veterinary care less stressful for them and their caregivers. We ensure that our hospital is equipped to meet the unique needs of cats, our staff is trained in gentle handling techniques, and our doctors and staff receive the most current continued education in feline healthcare. Our hospital is the first and only in Ventura County to achieve Gold Status Cat Friendly Practice certification. Click here to learn more.

National Cat Day

It is a well-known fact that cats do not receive veterinary care nearly as much as dogs. In the United States, 86 million cats belong to families and 78 million dogs belong to families. Although cats greatly outnumber dogs, almost twice as many dogs than cats ever visit the vet.

Regular preventative care exams are a very important part of  maintaining and lengthening your cat's health and well-being. Some things that will be discussed and assessed during these exams are your cat's nutrition, lifestyle, environmental enrichment, disease and parasite prevention, and behavior. With the information you bring and a thorough physical examination, a health plan will be created that meets the needs of your cat and the family.

National Cat Day is Wednesday October 29th. We want to reward you for choosing to bring your cat in for a check-up by sending home a gift bag with every feline exam done on this day. The gifts include one month of flea and heartworm prevention, toys, treats, and feline calming pheromones that can help aid your cat during stressful times. Please contact us to schedule an appointment. We are proud to be a Certified Cat Friendly Practice and provide cats with the best possible care. For more information about being a Certified Cat Friendly Practice visit our Cat Friendly page or click here to visit the American Association of Feline Practitioner's website.