Top Ten Reasons for Fido or Fluffy to See the Veterinarian (2010)

Veterinary Pet Insurance has released their Top Ten listing of reasons your pets visited the veterinarian in 2010. According to their press release, pet owners spent more than $43 million treating these top ten conditions:
1. Ear infection (more than 61,000 cases in dogs!!) 2. Skin allergy 3. Skin infection/hot spots 4. Gastritis/vomiting 5. Enteritis/diarrhea 6. Arthritis 7. Bladder Infection 8. Soft tissue trauma 9. Non-cancerous tumor 10. Hypothyroidism

Allergic reactions

This dog's face is massively swollen, causing breathing problems. The cause is an intense allergic reaction. Dogs can get allergic reactions from bee stings, plants, and even from vaccinations. This dog had an allergic reaction to a vaccination given at MoorparkVet. Fortunately, we noticed this immediately, and we were able to reverse the reaction with an IV injection.
Sadly, pets who get vaccines at mobile clinics and pet shops may have life-threatening allergic reactions, too. Unforturnately, when there are no veterinarians present or no emergency treatments available, a pet can die. While these reactions are uncommon, they are serious and need immediate medical care.

OUCH…a bee got me!

Yesterday we had a Jack Russell terrier come in with a suddenly swollen leg and vomiting. It had been around bees, and sure enough we found and removed a bee stinger from its leg. We gave drugs to reverse the allergic reaction, and the pet did great. Bee stings can cause severe allergic reactions, even fatal ones, in some pets. If you suspect one, bring in your pet ASAP!