Our rainbow room

A quiet and private room for you and your pet to spend some time together and where we perform the procedure if you wish to be present.

Description of the process

Scheduling the procedure: Please contact us to help determine if euthanasia is the right option for your pet. This may involve a consultation with your pet's doctor. If your pet has not been seen recently, then an examination may be needed to help determine this. Paperwork: Our receptionists will come into the room and help determine your wishes for your pet's remains, complete forms, and take care of charges before the procedure is started. This allows you to focus on your pet throughout the procedure, and afterward you can leave without having to return to the desk in the lobby. Twilight: When you are ready, the process starts with an injection that will be given in the region over the shoulders. This is a combination of a sedation to help your pet relax and a pain medication to help relieve your pet of any pain it may be feeling. This can take 5 to 15 minutes depending on the individual pet. After this has taken effect, your pet will be very relaxed and in a "twilight" but still conscious and know you are there. IV Catheter: Once your pet is relaxed, we take it for a few minutes to the treatment area to place a catheter into a vein. Then it is brought back to you. Euthanasia: When you are ready, the doctor will come in and give your pet an injection into the vein catheter. This is a medication that makes your pet fall asleep, but is an overdose that stops its heart and helps it pass peacefully.

Cremation services

For many years Moorpark Vet has teamed with respectable and trustworthy pet cremation services to provide individual and communal cremations. A pet that receives an individual cremation will have its ashes returned to Moorpark Vet within a few days, and one of our receptionists will call to inform you. Communal cremation ashes are scattered at sea.

Burial options

The Los Angeles Pet Cemetery in Calabasas can serve as a final resting place for your pet. Burying a pet in your yard is not recommended because there can be contamination of the ground water and attract scavengers. The law varies between cities. Please call your city offices to determine the law for your city.

Grieving services

Dealing With the Loss of a Pet