We urge clients to avoid veterinary pharmacies that do business primarily by telephone or on the Internet. We have concerns about the quality of their products. For example, some of these businesses:
  • Routinely store medications in hot, humid, and otherwise harmful conditions.  Such medications deteriorate rapidly, losing quality and effectiveness.
  • Have been fined by the Environmental Protection Agency for illegally selling foreign drugs in the United States.
  • Were placed on probation by the Board of Pharmacy for deceptive advertising, selling drugs without prescriptions, and fraud.
In many cases, internet and telephone pharmacies quote lower prices because they sell formulations that are:
  • Intended for human, not veterinary, use.
  • Generic or otherwise different from first quality name brand medicines.
  • Foreign in origin.
In some cases Moorpark Veterinary Hospital prescription prices are lower than internet pharmacies. And, if convenience is important to you, we can arrange shipping to your home. Here is an excellent video about online pet pharmacies from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA):