Customer Service Representative

Growing up around animals has given me a great respect and love for all animals. As a result, I have a “zoo” at home! My animal family consists of three big dogs: Layla, Ripley and Dixon; four cats: Winnie, Tommie, Angel, and Coalie; and three horses: Janie, Eazy, and Miracle. I have raised and trained all my horses, and I ride everyday and compete on the weekends in barrel races. I have always loved helping animals and working at Moorpark Vet allows me to do what I can to help them. My hobbies are… Horseback riding, barrel racing, camping, taking the boat and sea-doos out in the summer, motorcycle riding with my family and friends and doing anything I can outdoors. My furry family includes… I have three horses, three dogs and four cats. We also have a 50 gallon fresh water fish tank with cichlids. My favorite quote is… “There isn’t a horse that can’t be rode and a cowboy that hasn’t been throwed.”