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I will never use another vet. Dr. Schwartz and the rest of the staff are so friendly, nice to my animals and didn't stick me in the wallet on the way out! You can't ask for anything more than that. It really is hard these days to visit a vet, or any doctor for that matter, and get a timely analysis of what's wrong, a reasonable path to recovery, and NOT get sold a bunch of tests and shots that are just extra and unnecessary to pump up the bill. Well if you are looking for a reasonable, cost concious, KIND AND CARING bunch....you came to the right place! Thanks so much Moorpark Vet! Kitty Boy a.k.a. Freddy Krueger is already looking better, he'll be mouse hunting again in no time 😉
Brian A. Client Since 2009Review from Google
This service and care at Moorpark Vet was excellent. The Dr. and techs gave excellent care. We had to put a one of our Dogs down, but after we left we felt like the staff really gave us the attention and sincerity any person would want. The Dr. gave us all eye contact which I thought was a huge plus and there facility was very clean and nice. The front staff was also great and took extra measure to help my family threw the pain. I cant thank Moorpark Vet enough!!!
Angel G. Client Since 2002Review from Yahoo
I have two dogs. A female Cocker Spaniel mix named Kali and a male Jack Russell mix I rescued named Jett. I was not happy with the vets I had gone to in my area with my previous dog. So when it came time for a new vet, I asked around for recommendations. Moorpark Vet Hospital was recommended to me ironically by a friend who was also not satisfied with the vets in our area. I was first impressed with the office staff who were friendly and helpful. I like that their office hours accommodate people that can't necessarily go there during regular business hours. While I waited to see Dr. Barrett for the first time, a kitten that had just been hit by a car was brought in. I waited while Dr. Barrett tended to the kitten. While waiting for her to see Kali and me, I got the sense that this was a place that really put animals first. And I was right. The moment Dr. Barrett walked in the exam room, I immediately knew she would be our vet. Kali was a puppy then and was on the bench. Instead of having Kali put on the exam table, Dr. Barrett got on the ground on her knees, eye to eye with Kali and introduced herself this way. She instantly won me over. Dr. Barrett has a great "bedside manner" and has comforted this nervous Mom more than once. She and her staff stayed late one night when I called in a panic. She took the time to call me before a surgery that Kali needed recently reassuring me that everything would be fine. And it was. I have also had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Schwartz. It is obvious he has years of experience and is also so caring and compassionate. He was there the day I brought Kali in to be seen for extreme vomiting. He needed to run tests and asked me to leave her there. After he saw the look on my face, he asked the staff to run the tests as quickly as possible to lessen the time I would have to leave her there. They were done with her tests much earlier than they had quoted me. I really appreciated this. Dr. Schwartz gave us meds and instructions and told me that Kali would be fine. And she was, in the exact time frame that he told me she would be. I tend to get very emotional about my fur babies. Dr. Barrett and Dr. Schwartz and their staff never make me feel uncomfortable. Quite the contrary; they are understanding and treat my babies like their own. The excellence doesn't stop with Dr. Barrett and Dr. Schwartz. Their tech and office staff are friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. They always bill my insurance promptly after a visit. And if the insurance company requests additional information, they are quick to respond. I recommended them to a friend who drives from San Fernando Valley to have her three dogs cared for. I recently started looking for property to purchase. I can't imagine taking my fur babies anywhere else so I have limited my search to the surrounding areas of Moorpark!
Cheryl Y. Client Since 2009Review from Google
When I brought my dog, Stuart, to Moorpark Vet for the first time I was convinced he was dying.  My instincts told me he was diabetic, but, the vet he was seeing at the time kept treating him with antibiotics and steroids and telling me that wasn't the issue.  I called one afternoon in tears because Stuart had become so listless he wouldn't even lift his head.  Dr. Barrett got him in immediately and confirmed my fears, Stuart was indeed diabetic.  She took the steps to get his sugar levels straightened out and I am convinced that without her knowledge, care and quick action Stuart would not be with me today.  He has been a patient ever since and I can honestly say I have never owned a pet that gets excited to go to the vet.  All of the staff treat him like he is SOOO special, of course he doesn't know they treat all their patients that way. I would and have recommended Dr Barrett and Moorpark Veterinary Hospital to anyone who wants stellar care for the pets in their family.  You won't be sorry.
Barbara G. Client Since 2009Review from Yelp
About two weeks, we brought our 13-year old boxer in during an emergency. Sadly, after a terrific effort by Dr. Barrett and her team, we had to put Dakota down. During the hours when we thought she might make it and then during the actual process, Dr. Barrett and the entire staff could not have been more understanding, candid and caring. As difficult as that decision and process was, the Moorpark Vet team, did everything possible to lessen the pain for our family and Dakota. It was a very silver lining on a very dark cloud and we'll be forever grateful.
Scott H. Client Since 2011Review from Yelp
I have been taking my Shih Tzu to Dr. Schwartz since she was 8 weeks old. Today she is 11 years old. Dr. Schwartz and his entire staff have been wonderful to my dog over the years. Recently my dog scratched her eye which developed into an aggressive infection within 24 hours. I rushed her in and the staff immediately jumped into action. The staff not only took care of my dog they took care of me, as I was a bit of a wreck. Their professional attitude and smiles made me feel hopeful. Dr. Schwartz took her into to surgery that day and called me with his diagnose. Although it was unsure if her eye will be saved he was positive and hopeful we can save her eye. Mabel had to be seen every few days at the beginning and she had to wear the cone for a month and 1/2. Each week I brought her in Dr. Schwartz treated her with compassion and kindness. My dog was in a lot of pain and he took extra care to make her feel calm while examining her eye. The staff always greeted Mabel with the a smile and several came out to say hello to her and see her progress week after week. I am happy to report her eye was saved and healed! Took a while to get here but the journey was worth the results thanks to Moorpark Veterinary Hospital. I would like to thank Dr. Schwartz and his entire staff for saving my dog's eye. Today Mabel is happy and back to her old self. I know my dog will be in good care as she progresses in her senior years. I highly recommend this hospital.
Deborah G. Client Since 2002Review from Google
We have been going to Moorpark Veterinary Hospital for 17 years. The level off care our dogs have received has been second to none. When I had to put one to sleep, the compassion shown to my wife and I was especially very comforting. I personally like the email reminders that keep me on track with my dogs' vaccinations and license. It means my four legged buddy is never in need of an overdue shot or check up. Dr Schwartz & his staff have never let us down; they are really good on follow up after any treatment. They call & speak to you personally to ensure that know exactly what's going on with any treatment or procedures. They take the time to explain it in layman's terminology, so I'm never left wondering “what the conversation was all about” I guess to sum up: When ever we (my Corgi & I) walk through their door, we are always greeted with a smile and a positive attitude. They all really care; I'm not just another customer. I realize there are plenty of other choices in veterinarian care, but for all the reasons stated, we remain loyal to Moorpark Veterinary Hospital.
Mark R. Client Since 2002Review from Google
When I first got my puppy Shiba she was in bad shape. However, the attention to detail and specialized services Moorpark Veterinary Hospital offers are responsible for her full recovery. When I visited for them without an appointment with a health problem, Dr Schwartz was very prompt and his staff helped me diagnose the issue, and gave me a method of treatment which I am following. I would highly recommend this hospital. The other animal I live with also goes here and he is in fine health. While it proved unnecessary, in my personal case this hospital was willing to work within the confines of my budget and offered personalized financing. Following the descriptive care methods prescribed by Dr. Schwartz I am pleased to say my dog is making an amiable recovery from her stomach ailment.
Jeremy N. Client Since 2011Review from Google
Moorpark Veterinary Hospital and staff are what perfection animal care is all about. They go above and beyond in their care, patience, and compassion for their clients. I at times am not the easiest client to deal with when it comes to my animals. I have a very strong personality, outspoken, and passionate when it comes to the welfare of my Savannahs. I know at times I can be a handful for the doctors and staff to deal with, but they have always dealt with me with kindness, compassion, and above all, patience, and got me through my anxiety, fears, stress and losses. I have had the pleasure of meeting all the doctors, but Dr. Natalie Barrett is the Veterinarian I see on a regular basis. They are outstanding doctors! They are kind, professional, and through in all that they do. Unlike many Veterinarians, they work with me in helping me have happy, healthy cats, and kittens in my breeding program, which reflex on my cattery. The staff at the front desk are sweethearts, and so very helpful, and personable. They make up a great part of what this hospital is all about. I highly recommend Moorpark Veterinary Hospital and its staff, and I love, and thank each and every one working there for all that they do and have done for me, and I am sure for many others. Forever grateful, KC Riddle
KC R. Client Since 2010Review from Google
They're your best friend. Don't they deserve the best health care? Sure that may mean having a thermometer stuck up their butt, getting shots and teeth scraped clean every so often, but if you want them to stay healthy then you gotta do what you gotta do. Dr. Schwartz is one of the best Vets in the area. He's often interviewed by the media on pet stories and has been the president of the CA Vet Med Association twice. He'll take the time to explain everything to you in simple, easy to understand terms. Even if you think you know it all, he'll take the time to explain it to you in easy to understand terms. Once your pet has become a patient they will put  your pet on a pet care schedule and your pet will receive letters for recommended checkups, cleanings, etc. Don't you wish your Dr. did that? (Dear Mr. Smith, It's time for your annual checkup, teeth cleaning and you may want to get your butt glands popped. Please call us for an appointment.) The waiting area is large, clean and easily accessible. The women in the reception area are extremely nice. There are bushes out front to let the pup relieve themselves too. heh heh If you've had a dog before then you probably know that dogs will likely get into trouble at least once in their little lives where they will need some expensive treatments to save their lives. If you want to save their life and if you want to save yourself some money, then I would recommend getting the pet care insurance. If we had it we would have saved hundreds of dollars when our dog ate a rope toy and got seriously sick. These things happen. So to wrap it all up, The Schwartz is good, the mail reminders are cool, the office is nice and clean and your dog will stay healthy.
Brian S. Client Since 2008Review from Yelp
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