We are currently the only Gold Certified Cat Friendly Practice in Ventura County!


As a certified Cat Friendly Practice, we do everything we can to provide a calming environment for cats and minimize their stress. Cats often disguise their illness, so it is crucial for them to receive regular examinations. Often the stress of bringing cats to the hospital prevents them from receiving the important veterinary care they need. At Moorpark Veterinary Hospital we strive to help our feline friends have a pleasant visit.

Are you preparing for your cat's next veterinary visit? Stop by our hospital beforehand to pick up a complimentary kitty calming kit. This includes a calming pheromone Feliway wipe for your cat carrier and a natural calming supplement to be given orally.

  Cat owners have their own entrance and lobby.We have a cat only area of the lobby with their own entrance to prevent interactions with dogs.             We have a cat-exclusive exam room to reduce the stress caused by scents of dogs.We use a cat only exam room to reduce the stress caused by the scents of dogs. We provide comfy warm towels to help them settle in. We also use calming pheromones on our towels and in our cat only rooms to create a soothing environment.      

20150727_MVH_227If your cat likes looking out of the window they can enjoy themselves in front of the window in our cat only exam room.

          This is our cat ward. Designed to ease your cat's stay by keeping them separated from dogs.They receive treatments and stay with us in a cat only hospitalization ward with a viewing window from our main treatment area. In order to minimize the stress of treatments, our technicians and assistants take great care to use comforting handling, spend extra time, and work slowly with cats. We understand that every cat is different and its up to us to help figure out what calms them when they stay with us. Some cats like their chin rubbed, some like treats, some like being brushed, and some just like a great hiding spot. That is why we equip our cat ward with everything we require to meet their needs and make their visit as great as possible.     Helpful videos: Reducing the stress of bringing cats to the vet Why regular examinations are beneficial for cats