September is National Responsible Dog Ownership Month

IFKola is one special dog. After bouncing around to several homes, he was adopted by his current family, who provides him with the best care possible. Kola didn't always get the best treatment. His former family did not treat his seizures with medication due to the cost involved. Instead, he was fed Tums each day as a false and potentially toxic way of helping him with his seizures.

When Kola's family adopted him, they purchased pet insurance through Trupanion. 90% of any accidents or illnesses that Kola has is covered by the insurance company. Just like any pet insurance company, pre-existing conditions will not receive future insurance coverage. Monthly insurance rates vary based upon your pet's species, breed, and age. Most importantly, these rates can change drastically depending upon what you would like your deductible set to. Deductibles are the amount you pay before insurance reimbursement begins. Contact the hospital to find out how to gain a one-month, risk-free trial of Trupanion pet insurance. Click here if you would like to compare all of the available pet insurance companies.

Almost a year after acquiring insurance, Kola tore both of his cranial cruciate ligaments which requires surgical repair much like an ACL injury does in human medicine. Kola will also undergo a third surgery to repair the dysfunction he has in his right kneecap. Without the surgeries, Kola would not be able to walk. With the surgeries, he has many years of a happy, healthy life ahead of him. Kola's insurance has covered 90% of his medical bills, which amounts to over $33,000. Pet insurance is a manageable way to make sure your pet receives the best possible care no matter what. We ask you to seriously consider getting your pets or future pets covered.

Featured Pet: Foxy

There's nothing not to love about our latest featured pet, Foxy, especially with a nickname like StinkerDoggerDoo! Foxy featured pet

The Scoop on Pet Nutrition

Pet Nutrition Event FlyerJoin us for a special event at the hospital on Tuesday, August 23rd at 6:30pm. Along with serving up some food, giveaways, and fun, we will  provide all of the information you need to know to make informed nutrition decisions for your pet. With all of the pet food choices available, it can be confusing to determine which ones are quality products. We only recommend dog and cat food companies who employ veterinarians, use quality ingredients and facilities, and have well-researched products. Find out more at our upcoming event: The Scoop on Pet Nutrition. You can RSVP by phone, by joining our Facebook event, or by e-mailing

You Could Drastically Change a Shelter Pet’s Life

We have selected Petey, a Camarillo shelter pet,  to sponsor upon his arrival to his future forever home. Once adopted, we are providing Petey with a one-time medical health care package that will address his current medical needs. Petey is a senior pet with cataracts and the need for a dental cleaning. He has a very sweet and calm disposition. Petey's sponsorship package includes the following:
  • peteysHASHTAGSExam and health consultation
  • Blood testing
  • Urinalysis testing
  • Fecal testing for intestinal parasites
  • Dental cleaning, dental radiographs, and any needed dental extractions
  • Grooming
  • One bag of Hill's high quality dog food
  • 6 months of flea and tick prevention
  • 6 months of heartworm and internal parasite protection
  • Adoption and licensing fee coverage
The value of this package is over $1700! Please contact us if you have any additional questions. If you would like directions to the Camarillo shelter, click here. Also, please note that the medical services we are providing for Petey's future is limited to the contents that we have explicitly stated in the sponsorship package. Any and all future medical care will be the responsibility of his future family.

The 4th of July: Are you and your pet prepared?

Pearl July 4thThe 4th of July is notoriously stressful for pets and, unfortunately, not a year goes by where we do not hear of lost pets as a result. Consider the following tips in order to minimize stress surrounding this day for both you and your pet. Plan out your day beforehand and consider where your dog or cat will be during these times. If your day is planned ahead of time you can minimize commotion and prepare for potential stressors for your pets. Avoid feeding your pet table scraps. Foods that are rich, fatty, or outside of your pet's normal diet can be harmful. During holiday times we sometimes see cases of gastroenteritis or pancreatitis increase as a result of this. Check your pet's IDs! Is their microchip registered with your current information? Do their external ID tags have the appropriate phone number? Keep them confined. The safest place for your pet during this time is inside your home. If you have a cat who lives both indoor and outdoor consider keeping them inside a few days before the holiday since celebrations can take place early and you cannot reliably confine them at a moment's notice. The crate can be a great tool for dogs and can actually help minimize their stress during this time. Reflect upon your pet's stress level and consider what actions or tools you can use to effectively help them. For some pets, simple anti-anxiety tools or medications combined with the right environment can make a world of difference. Some pets require sedation during fireworks time in order to be truly comfortable. Don't forget that Moorpark fireworks take place at 9pm on July 3rd. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss keeping your pet safe and happy during this holiday time. If you are unsure if your pet's microchip is registered with your current information you can click here to register your pet's microchip for a one-time lifetime registration fee or to change your info at no charge if previously registered.
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